#Cuba: Creada la Alianza de Iglesias Evangélicas Cubanas #AIEC

Por 14ymedio: https://www.14ymedio.com/sociedad/denominaciones-evangelicas-paralela-Consejo-Iglesias_0_2673332645.html

Por Yoe Suárez, en Evangélico Digital: https://www.evangelicodigital.com/latinoamerica/8044/crean-la-alianza-evangelica-de-cuba-como-alternativa-al-consejo-de-iglesias 

1 comentario en “#Cuba: Creada la Alianza de Iglesias Evangélicas Cubanas #AIEC”

  1. We,the members of Life Church sub-Saharan Africa( former Family of Christian Churches the Parables) would like to conclude an evangelical partnership with Allianza de Iglesias Evangélicas Cubanas(AIEC).
    Life Church sub-Saharan Africa which is translated into French as «Église de la Vie Afrique Subsaharienne (EVAS)», currently carries out its evangelical activities in the African Great Lakes region.It has more than 3980members who are distributed in 49churches which are established in the following African countries: The Democratic Republic of Congo,the Republic of Burundi,the United Republic of Tanzania and the Equatorial Forest Area. Its headquarters is located at Lusenda,in Fizi territory,in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    We hope that our request will be taken into consideration.Yours faithfully,Pastor Tawimbi Byoko Wal,Co-founder and President of Life Church sub-Saharan Africa.

    Me gusta

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